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Local Animal Project. Note and Greeting cards available, as well as prints and original images.

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Local Animal Project started off as a focus on endangered native Colorado species. However, as animals don’t recognize state lines, the focus changed. The project features animals whose migratory habits have brought them to the Rocky Mountains, who have made it their home from anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of years. Non-threatened animals are included as well, representing the balance and symbiotic nature of all creatures, endangered or not, necessary to a healthy, functioning ecosystem.

Over time I have done my own bit of migration. Local Animal Project has gone on to encompass different parts of the world, bringing the idea that wherever we are, we are local, and we have a responsibility to our home.

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Emerald Mural Fence NOBO
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Flying with Friends, featuring local Colorado animals; Short-eared owl, Long-tailed vole, Ornate box turtle, Ornate tree lizard and American red squirrel. It is a 30 foot acrylic painting. This mural was created as part of NOBO Art District's rotating mural project, meant to expand opportunities for local artists.

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